Newsletter Q4 2019 – the Triple Bottom Line

In this last issue of 2019, we touch on the following topics;

The Triple Bottom Line is a step towards living in harmony with the world around us


  • Year end reminders
  • The Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit
  • Portfolio Commentary, current positioning, market outlook and reasoning

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Happy Holidays!


Newsletter Q3 2019 – Charitable Giving, Donor Advised Funds

In this issue of the newsletter, we touch on the following topics;

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  • How to get the most impact from your donations, thru tax aware gifting.
  • Creating a family legacy via a Donor Advised Fund, and ways to create an impact even before the final gifting.
  • Portfolio Commentary, current positioning, market outlook and reasoning.

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Investing in Women and Equality

August 26th commemorates the 98th anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. Gender equality has progressively been moving forward, even though there is still room for improvement. Women are still under-represented and under paid in the corporate world, although great strides are being made.

Forty4 Financial - Investing in Women.jpgStriving for equal opportunities for women and girls should be the norm in modern society. Although we are not there yet, it has shown to be a great investment opportunity.

Companies that have a higher share of women in executive positions and on their board, tend to deliver better financial results compared to male dominated companies. The outperformance is primarily contributed to the broader range of ideas and approaches to problem solving that a diverse group of decision makers have, as well as to better talent and employee management.

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Women holding positions at the top of companies does not happen by chance. Foresighted businesses have recognized the potential and are working to improve their pipeline of qualified candidates in management training programs.

Gender diversity in leading corporate roles is one of the screens employed in ESG and socially responsible investment approaches. By investing in this manner, you can achieve a potentially stronger portfolio, while at the same time supporting companies that do their part to offer everyone an equal opportunity.

If you have any questions about how you can align your investment portfolio with your values, please contact Forty4 Financial for more information.

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