Sustainable Investing is what we do – in our opinion it is simply the better way to invest.

Our guiding principles are the 3 P’s – People, Planet and Profit.

Investing in profitable companies that also take their workers, community and other stakeholders into account, can over time generate both a competitive financial return, as well as improve the world we all share (read more).

PPP graphic

Consistently applying your personal values to everything you do, will often yield a positive emotional return, in addition to a potential financial outcome.

Integrated Financial Planning

Having a plan is important, as an investment portfolio without a direction and a purpose may not reach its full potential.

Our work with clients is centered around a financial plan, taking their specific circumstances into consideration. We work together towards reaching their goals, which could be retirement, saving for college, charitable giving, or something else (read more).

Simple pricing

Straight forward pricing, that aims to eliminate potential for conflicts of interest.

$6,000 per year (or $1,500 per quarter)

This includes holistic financial planning and wealth management focused on sustainable investing. We want to offer the best advice possible free of conflicts of interest, and work with each client to have their assets invested where and how it works best in their situation (read more).