Graceing Agefully – the new boundary on aging

Through advances in health and medicine and potentially less strenuous work, we now live longer than our ancestors did. It used to be that at 65 you’re about to be put out to pasture so to speak. But now most 65-year-olds are active participants of society. Many are still working at some level, part of stay active and also to make the money stretch for what could be a multi-decade retirement. Finding out ways to not only live longer, but live better for longer.

Today, I have Jennifer Sproul with me. She is a realtor in the DMV region and also the founder of Graceing Agefully, a movement working towards making the second half of life as productive and meaningful as possible. It is the second part of life we will talk about today, and Jennifer has a really refreshing and new take on this topic.

Rockstars, not rocks – human capital and the bottom line

How does a rockstar compare to a rock?

Human capital is the number one resource in many companies. Employee retention and having the right person in the right seat is one of the categories within sustainable investing that has both an intuitive and straight forward and measurable impact on the bottom line. I am joined by Dawn Shuler from The Shuler Group to talk about this fascinating topic.

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