We believe in keeping our fee simple and charge a flat retainer fee that includes both financial planning and wealth management focused on sustainable investing.

$6,000 per year (or $1,500 per quarter)*

As a fiduciary, we are looking to limit our potential conflicts of interest. By charging a flat fee, there is no push to move all client assets under our management – we will work with each client to optimize the investment lineup no matter where the account is located. If you have us manage your accounts, we will invest according to sustainable investing principles (read more).

We believe that the fee charged by most financial advisors, which is usually around 1% of assets under management, is excessive compared to the work required, and poses an inherent conflict of interest. In our experience, there is not much more work in managing $5 million compared to $500,000, so why should one client pay up to ten times more than the other?

Our clients are mostly mid-career professionals, small business owners or retirees, and have worked hard to accumulate their nest egg. We have found that the additional cost of managing extra funds for a client is very minimal, once the set-up is in place. We would like to pass that cost efficiency on to our clients.

How can we keep the fee so low? By utilizing technology efficiently to assist us in the process, thereby eliminating several manual tasks and freeing up our time to add value to our clients, while keeping our overhead low. Also, we are putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients, and charging what we would want to pay for a similar service.

In order to keep our focus on delivering a high level of service to each of our clients, we have imposed a limit on the number of clients we are willing to take on, based on our current infrastructure and capacity. We do not differentiate our clients (such as A, B and C clients), but treat each with the same level of engagement and appreciation.

Hourly planning

For those clients that are interested in a DIY solution but may need some assistance with getting the right structure set up, we also offer an hourly planning option. It can include creating a net worth statement, cash flow analysis, and planning for the goals that lie ahead. If the findings are accepted, the client will then implement and monitor the plan themselves, unless another arrangement is agreed upon. Our fee is $250 per hour.

* Additional fee schedules available based on selected services.

* Clients with very large portfolios or complex circumstances may be charged a higher fee, based on an individual assessment.